Karary University

Administrative Structure

Former Managers

Prof. Ahmed Abker Yahya University President/ Prof.
Dr. Rabeea Abdalla Adam Abdalla / Assistant Prof. University Vice Dean
Dr. Ahmed Abdalla Mohamed Emam Secretary of Academic Affairs /Associate Prof.
Ahmed Mohamed Elhassan Commander of the Military College
Dr. Elessaid Sulaiman Saad Dollaib Dean of the College of Graduate Studies/Associate Prof.
Dr. Bdawi Adam Badwi Dean of Technical College/Associate Professor
Dr. Ahmed Awad Ahmed Babikr Associate Prof/ Dean of Engineering College
Yousif Mohamed Alameen عميد كلية علوم الطيران
Zaki El Din Mokhtar Kembal Dean of the College of Maritime Studies
Dr. Youssef Muhammad Al-Haj Muhammad Dean of the College of Medicine and Surgery/Associate Prof.
Prof. Hayat Fadl allah Moktar Dean of Faculty of Nursing
Dr. Mubarak AlSaeed AlKrasni Dean of Faculty of Medical Laboratories
Hassan Said ِAhmed Director of Planning and Human Resources
Dr. Mohamed Musa Director of the School of Administrative Sciences
Dr. Alnaeem Altoum Mohamed ِAhmed Director of General Science Department
Prof. Imadeldin Mohamed Tageldin Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy
Prof. Hussein Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Dean of Faculty of Radiology
Dr Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ali Dean of Dentistry College
Dr. Yasir Abdalgadir Ahmed Hamid Albatira Head of Statistics, Information Unit / Associate Prof.
ِAhmed Sidiq مدير ادارة المراسم و العلاقات العامة والاعلام والنشر
Dr. Emad ElDin El Hadi Mousa Dean of Library Deanship
Dr. Adil Ebrahim Mohamed Osman Financial Department Manager / Assistant Prof.
Dr. Abdeldime Mohamed Salih Abdelgader .IT Systems Unit Manager/ AssociatedProf
Dr. Salah Eldien Ahmed Mohamed Alaaalm Asst Prof. /Manager of General Sciences Administration
Dr. Mohammed Faisal Osman Self-Evaluation Unit Manager- Assistant Professor
Abdellah muaaz Ali Legal Counsel