Karary University

Establishing a society that include all students of the Engineering College, at University of Karary, to lunch and organize academic activities, scientific, developmental and educational programs, under the supervision of the university administration, in order to achieve its objectives and displays the leading role of the university in the community towards development and prosperity

Towards a proactive productive students capable for building and construction

Execute the scientific cultural programs, and disseminate and transmit activities, applying the latest electronic and technological advancement, through debates, lectures and other scientific programs, executed as specialized projects and creative talents via scientific trips, together with the vocational and developmental works, and through fasting cases programs. Moreover conducting medical camping and human resource training sessions for all fields of studies locally in Sudan and abroad in order to link between theoretical and practical studies.   

حفل تدشين الدورة الجديدة لجمعية الهندسة.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 

قادتي واساتذتي واخواني الاجلاء تدعوكم جمعية الهندسة لحضور تدشين برنامج الجمعية الهندسية لطلبة كلية الهندسة 

المكان مجمع الكليات خور عمر ساحة النشاط 

الزمان : الاحد 10/10/2021 من الساعة صباحا ويستمر البرنامج حتى نهاية اليوم 

حضوركم شرف لهؤلاء الطلاب 

ننوه الي ان الدراسة سوف توقف في يوم *الاحد* لكل المستويات بكلية الهندسة.