Karary University

Work for rising good faith that assists students for brighter future, in dealing with an outside community and creates the sense of brotherhood communication

Facilitates social communication to promote intellectual and cultural level for University of Karary students

Creates decent and honest social communities, and exchange experiences and positive attitudes, and encourage intellectual imitations that promote the cultural sense, decent taste and support talent and skills.

  1. Participate effectively in university tournaments 
  2. Creates students who are capable to build and rehabilitate
  3. Change traditional patterns of student’s behavior, to match the contemporary era of advancement
  4. Build creative and modern civilized student
    1. Reception of new admitted students
    2. Conducting cultural days
    3. Conduct fasting breakfasts
    4. Lunch administrative days
    5. Scientific trips
    6. Training workshops 
    7. Initiation of receiving Sudan University students
    8. Tournaments of fare-welling of postgraduates