Karary University


  • Vision
  • Mision
  • Objectives
  • What is meant by general reqiurements
  • Subjects

To provide the best forms of university education in general sciences and to train and develop scientific and practical skills and abilities in the fields of education and scientific research to keep updating with the modern development and contribute in providing appropriate solutions to the challenges of society and the environment as well.

Supporting the role of scientific and theoretical colleges in qualifying cadres capable to compete nationally and internationally, and provide the community with services in the scientific fields that contribute in building the knowledge society through effective administration that provides a supportive learning and research environment and fostering outstanding of community partnerships.


1. Preparing specialized frameworks in the field of general sciences.

2. Contribute effectively in meeting the needs of collages of the university through specialists from professors, assistances, technicians, technologists and laboratory assistants in the field of general sciences.

3. Development and enrichment of scientific research, translation, and publication as well as disciplines of general sciences.

4. Develop and maintain study plans in the field of general and human sciences using modern methods of updating with scientific research.

5. Establish cooperation and exchange of experiences with higher education institutions and related research centers internally and externally.

The subjects taught in the different collages of the university, which are specifically intended for the following sciences:

1. Islamic Studies.

2. Arabic language.

3. English language.

4. Sudanese studies.

5. Mathematics with its various branches.

6. Physics with its various branches.

7. Chemistry with its various branches.

8. Computer Principles (Computer Basics).

9. Environmental studies.

10. Laboratory Materials (Physics – Chemistry- English language and computer in the collages outside the language and computer school outside the computer department in Engineering collage

11. Applications of the English language lab outside the language school.

12. Computer lab applications outside the Department of Computer Science collage of Engineering.