Historical background

Historical background

In the context of general objectives and as a response for the Quranic command (and make ready upon them all you can of power including steeds of war to threaten the enemy of Allah and your enemy), college of engineering was established to prepare engineering and technological frames fill the gap of armed forces increasing need in the reality of increased necessity for the military equipment and machines as a preparation for required development in local military industry to orient scientific research in service of civilized orientation of the nation and as a support for the march of development and industry.library

The republican decree issued (266) for the year 1994 on 28th of August 1994of establishing Karary Academy of Technology which started of two colleges:

a-      College of engineering: concerns with graduate and post graduate studies in different fields of engineering.

b-     College of technology: concerns with technological studies on diploma level.

College of engineering was established via implementation of different study programs on level of bachelor, master, doctorate and other related activities of scientific research.

The study started for first time in Sept. 1994 where started to graduate engineering officers in different fields of engineering since2001.