Historical background about College of Technology

Historical background about College of Technology:

College of technology started as an institute follow to Sudanese air defense to supply it with working technician crew in aircraft maintenance at the begging of the 1980s and then included to the academy once established with other specializations to be college of technology.slide11

Then issued the republican decision No. (266) 1994 on the 28th of August   to establish karary Academy of Technology which started with two colleges:

College of Engineering: concerns with graduate and post graduate studies in different technological fields.

College of Technology: concerns with study on diploma level.

This college was established to achieve the academy goals through implementation of various study programs on diploma level in different relevant technological fields.

In 2008 college of technology became one of Karary University colleges included many of other specializations in addition to engineering specializations. Among these specializations is administrative and financial sciences department and supply specialization.