Radiology College in brief

Radiology College in brief:

Study started at the two colleges of engineering and technology in 1994 and 1996 where the national assembly approved karary Academy of technology act which designates its objects and tasks. In 2008 the academy was upgraded to Karary University. ashaa2

Karary University is considered a unique University for it gathers between military sciences and other academic sciences.

In the previous years, the University developed its programs, academic departments, colleges and centers. It now includes the following colleges: L Military College.

  1. a.School of Administration sciences.
  2. b.School of languages

2. College of engineering

3. College of Technology

4. College of Medicine

5. College of Nursing

6. College of Dentistry

7. College of Pharmacy

8. College of Medical laboratories

9. College of Naval studies

10. College of Aeronautics

11. College of post graduate studies

12. College of scientific research

13. College of Radiology which is under establishing where the administration & staff have been appointed, and the laboratories and halls have been equipped the acceptance of students is expected to start in 2012.

The college awards B.SC honors in diagnostic radiation.

The program is an applied academic program targets to teach and train students in the specialized subject practically and assistant subjects for the targeted specialization in order to run different examination radiography.

The program includes some of modern sciences which linked to medical radiography as un updating to the continuous development and progress of medical radiograph, and to update to curricula applied internationally, moreover to let students practice lab application in a very early stage of study plan

Program mission:

Skillful technicians professionals, capable to introduce distinguished diagnostic radiography services depending on practical and supplied practice sustaining on knowledge, consolidate the value of cooperation among various medical specializations and build both of identity and commitment profession...

Program objectives:

High qualified cadres updated to the most modern technologies in radiography field.

-         Acquisition of high skills in radiography fields.

-         Consolidation of self – study value, criticism and innovative thinks.

-         Contribution of scientific research in radiography field eliminated from community needs.

-         Program outcomes:

When completed the study successfully the graduate student should be capable of:

-         Use of basic scientific and medical curricula out comes.

-         Application at prevention against radiation principals.

-         Running of radiography examinations, normal and special.

-         Application of comprehensive quality control systems in work.

-         Work according to ethics.

-         Effective contribution in a team work

-         Continuation in learning and communication with others.