College of post graduate studies in brief

College of post graduate studies in brief

According to the university general objectives and as a response to the Quranic command- ( prepare to them all you can of power to terrify Allah's enemies and yours)- post graduate studies and scientific research college was established in order to prepare technological and engineering frames to fill the gap of armed forces increasing need in an e era characterized with raising development of military equipment and machines , as a precaution for the development in local military industry , to orient scientific research to serve the modern orientation of the nation and to consolidate development and industry march.

The study in the college started for the first time in 2007 all over various engineering fields which include:

-         Civil engineering in specializations of constructions and bridges engineering.

-         Electricity engineering in the field of communications, computer and power.

-         Mechanic engineering (general mechanic design- aircraft frames design).

-         Chemical engineering ( modern technologies & petrochemicals)

The programs of post graduate found big acceptance due to high competence used in achieving these programs where skillful cadres of teaching are available and also research facilities of libraries, labs and soft wares.

Many of Sudanese universities benefited from these programs such as : Sudan university of science and technology , Omdurman Islamic University , Alzaiem Alazhari , Kordofan, Red Sea university , Nile valley , Karary university and colleges of technical education corporations in addition to armed forces , military manufacturing , ministry of science and technology , national corporation of electricity and others.

The goal of implementing this big numbers of programs in post graduate studies is creation of a capable base, academic research environment and contribution in solving the problems of university teacher qualification in high education.

Students' proposals of applied research processed numbers of engineering problems relevant to armed forces, military manufacturing, petrochemicals and other local engineering problems relevant to industry and environment.