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ieeeThe primary focus of IEEE Sudan subsection is to create a strong platform that can facilitate research culture among Sudanese research and development community and strengthen partnerships with its international counterpart. The International Conference on Communication, Control, Computing, and Electronic Engineering (ICCCCEE 2017) is one of the basic initiatives to build this platform. The conference will feature a comprehensive technical program in addition to expo program including keynote speeches, industrial workshops, tutorials and technology forums. All papers presented in the conference will be published in conference proceedings and IEEE Xplore®.
Communication TrackControl Track
communication, Networking, Digital Signal Processing , performance engineering, Mobile communication, digital communication, satellite communicationAnalogue control, digital control, fuzzy control, neural networks, automation, instrumentation, adaptive and optimum control, Robotics, Engineering Design Methodology
Computing TrackElectronics Engineering Track
Mathematical Methodologies, Computer Science, Software Engineering, IT, Applications, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, Grid Computing, Embedded systems, microprocessors systems, Microcontrollers.Applied electronics, MEMS, Nanotechnologies, VLSI Design, Semiconductor Devices, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Spectroscopic Applications, Imaging And Visualization Devices, Computer-Aided Detection And Diagnosis, Biomedical Instrumentation.
Machine and Power TrackMicrowave Track
Power Systems, Energy, Environment and Sustainability & Electric Machine Control, Renewable Energy, and reliability methods for Electrical Systems, Instrumentation.

Antennas: Design, Modeling , measurement, Wave propagation, Radar: Surveillance, Tracking , Imaging, systems and data ,   signal processing, Communication: systems, signal processing, Vehicular applications of RF systems, sensors , RF-based localization and monitoring, Microwave Circuits

Microwave Measurements, Microwave Computing, Modeling and Simulation

RF-based medical applications.

Important Dates


Extended Abstract submission: 15/04/16

Tutorial/Workshop Proposals: 15/04/16

Acceptance Notifications: 15/05/16

Full Paper Submission: 15/07/16


Ref: 0127833172 (Dr. Ahmed Abdelrahman)