Karary University

  Students must show competency in advanced control systems in chemical processes. Also students must demonstrate proficiency in at least three of the following areas:
Adaptive Control
Model Predictive Control
Neural and Fuzzy Control
Intelligent Genetic and Robust Control
Environmental Control or Optimization of Large Scale Processes

Chemical Engineering – Major Courses

CHE 701 Adaptive Control

CHE 702 Model Predictive Control

CHE 703 Selective Control

CHE 704 Fuzzy Control

CHE 705 Intelligent Genetic Control

CHE 706 Robust Control

Chemical Engineering – Minor Courses

CPE 701 Environmental Control in Chemical Engineering

CPE 702 Process Integration in Chemical Processes

CPE 703 Energy and Energy analysis for Chemical Plants

CPE 704 Distillation Columns Dynamics & Control

CPE 705 Advances in Large Scale Optimization Processes

CPE 706 Advanced Chemical Reactors and Control strategy

CPE 707 Selected Topics in Process Control