Karary University

       Students must show competency in advanced mechanical control systems, also students must demonstrate proficiency in at least three subjects in one of the following major areas:
•    Aerospace control
•    Industrial Control
•    Power Control  

Mechanical Control (Mechanics)

MEM 701 System Dynamics (3cr. Hrs)

MEM 702 Smart Materials (3cr. Hrs)

Mechanical Control (Aerospace Engineering)

 CSM 701 Dynamics of Flight Vehicles (3cr. Hrs)

CSM 702 Aerospace Propulsion Systems (3cr. Hrs)

Mechanical Control (Robot Control)

  CPR 701 Industrial automation  (3cr. Hrs)

CPR 702 Manufacturing Automation (3cr. Hrs)

Mechanical Control (Mathematic Science)

MATH 701   Applied Numerical methods (3cr. Hrs)

MEM 703 Instrumentation for engineering measurements (3cr. Hrs)

MEM 704 Optical measurements (3cr. Hrs)

Mechanical Control (Aerospace control)

CME 701 Aircraft Control and Simulation (3 cr hrs)

CM 702 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control (3 cr hrs)

CME 703 Optimal Control of Spacecraft Maneuvers  (3 cr hrs)

CME 704 Guidance, Navigation and control of Aerospace Systems

CME 705 Fluid Power Control (3cr. Hrs)

CME 706 Design of Computer Control Systems (3cr. Hrs)

CME 707 Automotive Control Systems  (3cr. Hrs)